Naran Travel Guide

Naran is a town in Pakistan that is partitioned by the beautiful Kunhar River. As a launching point to many panoramic destinations in the area, a travel guide to the region can come in handy.

Lakes and Riverways

Located 10,578 feet above sea level, Saiful Muluk is easily the most beautiful lake in Kaghan Valley. Offering excellent views of the peak of the Malika Parbat Mountain, this river is a water source for the River Kunhar, which flows from it into the Mansehra district.

Dudipatsar is yet another stunning lake in the region that is enclosed by snow clad peaks. The term “dudi” means white, while “sar” means lake. This name has been given to the lake due to the white color of the snow across the surrounding peaks. In summer season, the top of lake reflects these snows like a mirror. It’s difficult to pay a visit to this lake though, as a tough hike is needed that may require six hours.

Lulusar Lake is the biggest lake in Naran & Kaghan Valley and boasts perfect waters that mirror everything around them. The encompassing mountains are mirrored completely in the lake. It’s positioned on a main road that stretches from Naran to Babusar Pass. Anyone planning to Babusar Pass will go by this beautiful lake.

The river Kunhar that flows from the surroundings lakes passes through center of Kaghan Valley. Kaghan, Naran, and several other beautiful towns and villages are situated on the banks of the River Kunhar.